Projections are that 42% of current pilots will be forced to leave the workforce over the next ten years due to mandatory retirement. That amounts to 22,000 vacancies in the cockpit. (CNN Money, July 31, 2017)

In spite of all the giddy optimism, however, finding a job in today’s world is often as much about making connections as it is about qualifications. After all, most hiring managers see hundreds of nearly identical resumes cross their desks every day.

What you need is a way in.

Academy College provides you with that way in through the use of our Preferred Hiring Program. This program is well known because it is a bridge between Academy College and your career as a commercial pilot.

While the Preferred Hiring Program varies from airline to airline, they tend to have certain important features in common:

  • Interviews with regional airlines well before graduating college.
  • On-Campus interviews
  • Conditional offers of employment that allow current students to work and train with the airlines while in school, and potentially to have a position waiting for them when they graduate.
  • Limited travel benefits
  • Tuition reimbursement of up to $10,000

With the reduced required flight hours afforded by Academy College’s restricted ATP, you can get across this bridge even sooner!