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International Students Admission Application | International Students Dispatch Application

Your next career CAN be in the sky! And the team at Academy College will get you there.

With the help of our amazing team at Academy College! We create your schedule based on your current situation. We offer residential, online, and Learners Choice courses.

Our staff is ready to work with you, support you, and keep you afloat while you start the path towards your dream career!

Academy College offers financial aid for both academics and flight training.

Pilots are in high demand! From commercial to charter to corporate, the boom in hiring is affecting them all. Meet with an Admissions Representative to discuss what each possible route entails, as far as a work schedule, compensation outlook, and career track to reach your ultimate goal.

There are many benefits Academy College offers that differentiate us from other schools, including:

  • Small classroom sizes allowing for individual attention from instructors
  • We are conveniently located in the Twin Cities, making it an easy commute to your home, your office, and your schooling
  • We offer a competitive, authentic, and hands on atmosphere in which you learn AND apply your knowledge. For flight, you will start flying day 1!
  • We provide flexibility in our class schedules
  • You will have direct access to adjunct instructors and program coordinators
  • Most importantly, our team cares! Our success is based on your success

We are a locally established school, starting in 1936. Our students fly at Thunderbird Aviation, a premier flight school established in 1962.

The aviation industry isn’t just seeking pilots – they are hiring in all areas! Management, IT, HR, accounting… you name it. Academy College offers aviation focused degrees in those programs to prepare you as a future candidate.

Academy College offers an FAA-approved Aircraft Dispatcher program!

Our nationally known, top-notch dispatch instructor (“Double A” Andrews) offers immense knowledge in all flight terrains. He brings the beauty of this science known as Aircraft Dispatching to its simplest form without losing any of the pertinent information needed to be successful in the airlines. Flight planning, weather monitoring, fuel planning, and communication are amongst the tools our students learn in this 6 or 10 week program, but the relationships created will prove just as vital in our graduates’ next stop with an airline of their choosing.

Our schedules cater to YOU! We offer day and evening classes so you can attend outside of work and family time.

We love our military! Yes, we accept VA and military benefits. Depending on your chapter, Private Pilot may be covered.

Yes! Part of SEVIS, we are able to enroll international students into all of our programs.

Academy College enrolls quarterly throughout the year.

Contact our admissions team today to learn about our upcoming start date!

If you would like to meet in person to learn more, RSVP for our Open House at Thunderbird Aviation!

We can’t wait to see you take off in your new career this New Year!